I Like to keep this simple.. 

The main ethos of my business is to keep things simple. I don't intend to bombard you with watermarked images and resized copies that you can't print from or restricted hours or images. 

 Full day coverage is £1500.

Destination weddings abroad are charged at £1500 + travel and accommodation

This is taken as a £500 deposit with the remainder due prior to your date. 

I do offer a range of other products, services and options should you need more or less. I can also offer a payment plan

As standard, you always get me for the full day. You tell me when to start and I leave when the party is in full swing and I've got what I need.

Once I'm done, I get home and back everything up and then start the editing process. I don't photoshop people to make them look different but I edit each single image and take the time to make it the very best it can be with my own style and look. 

Once the editing process is complete, normally 4-6 weeks after the day, I get your package ready to deliver. 

You get your images, on a keepsake USB which is delivered inside this beautiful wooden box which also contains 30 prints from your wedding. 

You also get access to your own online gallery where you can download & share all of your images. Let you guests download them if you like. They're your images for you to enjoy how you want.

You get full print rights, you get high resolution images. Nice and simple.


Second Photographer: £300

A lot of couples are looking to hire two photographers and I totally understand why. It's great to have another set of creative eyes on the lookout on your wedding. 


Hand made Leather Album: £175

'It only becomes a photograph once it's printed.' 

I remember when I first heard that and how true it is. I feel so strongly about prints that I include some as standard.

These albums hold around 60 or so prints and will only get better with time and handling. 

Prints can be of either mine or your choosing. 


Fine Art Album: From £695

I use the stunning Queensberry as my sole provider for albums. The quality is second to none and the craftsmanship is just amazing. A sample is available for you to hold and inspect. 

These albums are available in a range of styles and designs and as such, prices can vary depending on final spec but they start at £695.