OK, Two minutes and 6 seconds to be exact... 

Caroline & Aaron-548.jpg
You’ve honestly made me the happiest girl in the world! I’m just so happy I can’t even cope!
— Caroline & Aaron <- LEGENDS

So, I'm really kinda hoping you're sat there by now thinking "Bloody Hell! This guy seems pretty damn slick! I'd really love to know some more!"  

Well, AWESOME news you little legend you, I have a brochure loaded with bits and bobs that is totally worth a download! I mean, it's 2018! Even on 4G this thing takes like seconds of your time. I've already had 2 minutes and 6 seconds worth.,. what's another minute right?! I mean.. we're talking your wedding here! It's a big deal.. it takes longer to make a Pot Noodle than download this brochure so.. go on! Drop your email - I'll only ever contact you about me, taking some cool pictures.. I might send a meme if I feel we have that kind of bond however.. 

So, what are you waiting for?