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You & Me

You and I both know that there are a lot of amazing photographers out there! It's amazing and it's great to have so many choices but the real important bit is the relationship you have with your photographer. 

My couples become like my friends. I always feel we could sit and chat for hours and that comfortable feeling is so important. It's what we both want and it's what translates into kick ass images. I will always be happy to meet up and have chat or if you're miles and miles away, we can skype or whatsapp.

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I am a documentary photographer.

I simply document your day, as it is, as it unfolds on my camera.

I will shoot your wedding pretty much as a guest with a camera. Well, a guest with two cameras and leather harness thing which, I suppose if a normal guest wore you'd be like 'mate, what are you wearing?' But I digress... I want to mingle in with everyone, have a laugh and put everyone at ease.  

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My focus during your wedding is the day in its entirety. It's about so much more than just you guys as a couple. It's all of the small details you picked out to decorate your venue. It's in the groups of people having a laugh with each other. It's in the kids playing that giant game of lawn jenga. It's in the hugs, the kisses, the tears. It's in people pulling faces and busting shapes on the floor. 

I want to create a collection of images that is the definitive version of your wedding day. 



and Afterwards?

Once I'm done, I get home and back everything up and then start the editing process. I don't photoshop people to make them look different but I edit each single image and take the time to make it the very best it can be with my own style and look and then get your online gallery ready to view!


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