Natural, Creative Wedding Photography
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Rod oh my god. They are fantastic!!! Happy with them is an understatement. Im in tears looking at them.
— Jack & Darren


You and Me:

I'm crazy lucky in that all the couples I work with, feel like old school friends.

I always feel we could sit and chat for hours and that comfortable feeling is so important.

It's what we both want and it's what translates into kick ass images.

I'm always be happy to meet up and have chat or if you're miles and miles away, we can do a whatsapp video call because I'm super high tech and modern and that jazz!


Claire & Stacey

My Approach:

I will shoot your wedding pretty much as a guest with a camera. Well, a guest with two cameras and leather harness thing which, I suppose if a normal guest wore you'd be like 'mate, what are you wearing?' But I digress... I want to mingle in with everyone, have a laugh and put everyone at ease.

Your portrait session will be the only time I'll offer up any suggestions on where I want you guys, I might suggest a kiss or a hug depending on what I'm going for but my photography really is 100% natural with no artifical additives, preservities or other nasties!


He is not only incredibly talented but is one of the nicest souls I have ever met. I will never be able to put in words how thankful I am to him for the pictures he produced and how well he did capturing us.
— Adrian & Annabel

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My Style:

My editing style is based heavily on old film types. For me, there is this kind of beautiful nostalgia with that style. I am a bit partial to black and whites!

It reminds me of being a tiny kid who still had hair, being around my grandparents and having a rummage in old photo albums looking at pictures of when my dad still had hair…

Anyway, back to the point - my images don't follow fashion trends as I don't want you to look back and think 'God, that was so 2019!!' I ADORE grain in images, it gives them texture and I pretty much always shoot with a foreground to add depth - basically it makes things look super cool!


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Full day coverage is £1400.

You get full print rights and high resolution images via an online gallery that simply, rocks. This is alongside an awesome slideshow!

£200 is needed to secure your booking, with the rest due a month before the big day! I also offer a totally flexible payment plan - that's a fancy way of saying you can pay what you like, when you like. No evil direct debits.

I'm totally happy to give you a price for shorter bookings but alas, I can only do them Monday to Thursday.

For bookings outside of the UK, my rate stays the same however I will need travel and accommodation covered.

Have you still got more questions? Check out my FAQS!