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I get so passionate about wedding photography and honestly part of that is because each wedding is different.

It's such a huge part of the appeal for me with what I do. I take each wedding as it comes. I love to shoot from the inside out, chatting with your guests and enjoying the day and I always look to get my shots naturally which means when you see yourself in my images and you feel the love in them, it's real. It's not my take on you as a couple. It's you and your love for each other. 

That's what I look for, that's what I capture and that's what makes me so grateful to be there alongside you guys on the best day of your lives. 


Hi, I'm Rod.

I bloody love shooting weddings. 

I got into photography as a kid when I'd go off and play with my Dads old Olympus SLR film camera. I don't think a single shot was ever in focus but luckily for us both, I realised I needed glasses and my photography has gotten better ever since.. 



Based In Hampshire, England covering all of the UK and Abroad including New York, Paris & Peckham


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