The Dare Initiative

In July last year, I finally took the plunge on doing a photography workshop. I'm a self taught photographer which, to be frank, consisted of taking dozens of photos and changing each setting till I finally worked out the difference between Kelvins and Spot metering.. 

Thing is, as much as I wanted to do a workshop, I wasn't interested in one that was going to try and make me take photos in a style anything other than my own. I wanted a workshop that would help me become a better version of me and that's exactly what I found in Dare. 

It's run by Gary Lashmar of Marshal Gray Photography up in the east end of London. 

Over the next two days, I felt like every single light switch in my head was turned on. I was seeing things totally differently and it just opened up my eyes in another way which as a photographer is so important to be awake to. 

So, I'm now a member of the Dare Initiative and I'm loving every second of it. 

Here's a few sample shots from some street photography I did in and around the amazing Hackney Wick:

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