Bournemouth Wedding // Jack & Darren

Time is a strange thing. I was down in Cornwall, camping for a week when Jack called me to say that he and Darren would love me to be their photographer. It feels like yesterday but considering it was during my lil' summer holiday, I know it wasn't. 

Now, Jack & Darren are my first same sex couple. I was kinda sad when they told me they'd be rejected by another photographer because of this. Flip side, it meant that I got to be their photographer, so - every cloud and all. 

Now you see, for me - love, is love. It comes in all shapes, sizes and I think the Beatles summed it up best with 'All you need is love'. 

Jack & Darren have love and they have it in abundance. 

If you look up all the positive adjectives in the dictionary, that's how I felt about being their photographer. 

Here are some of my favorite frames: 

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