....and nothing else matters.

Que the totally emotional music and pull up a chair… or carry on chilling in bed if you’re reading this there.. it’s not really important actually but the message here kinda is.

Now, I’ll confess, I listen to metal music and if you do, then you’ll know I’ve just ripped my blog title off of Metallica’s relentless rock ballad of the same name but the words are perfect.

So often, I either see or hear people in search of their perfect wedding and I get that. Of course I do.

But trust me, when you hear that piece of music you both picked for the ceremony… when your guests stand and all turn around to look as the bridal party enter… when you realise the person you absolutely bloody love more than you thought you could ever love someone, is walking down to marry you.

That is all that matters.

That moment is everything. Absolutely everything.

I’ve shot countless weddings and each of them has been different to the next. Venues differ but all have pros and cons. Food can be simple or elaborate, it’s always enjoyed. Bars can be free or paid for, either way, everyone who wants to, gets a few drinks. Decor can be light or detailed, either way it’s appreciated for its beauty.

But trust me, once you hear ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Please be upstanding….’ you’ll know what’s coming and that is the only thing that truly matters.

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