Top 10: Important things about finding your Wedding Photographer!

Truthfully, I’ve lost count of how many weddings I’ve shot now. I do however, remember each one in such vivid detail and that’s not just because I took the photos… but It made me kinda realise I’m actually in a position to be able to advise couples on what to look for and what to avoid whilst they plan out their wedding so…

I, Roderick Alan, proudly introduce my first ever top 10 list.

I’m starting close to home on this one with top 10 important things about finding your wedding photographer!

1) Make sure they’re not a dick.
2) Make sure they’re not a dick

3) Make sure they’re not a dick

4) Make sure they’re not a dick

5) Make sure they’re not a dick

6) Make sure they’re not a dick

7) Make sure they’re not a dick

8) Make sure they’re not a dick

9) Make sure they’re not a dick

10) Make sure they’re not a dick

Voila. Now, I appreciate the irony of being a dick here about my list but this is something that is so, so important.

I’ve said it before but, taking beautiful photos isn’t an exclusive skill set. I can’t and won’t hide from that. My strength is actually in who I am and not what I can do with a camera.

Personality is king.

That isn’t to say I have the best personality - I know some of you will read this and you’ll shudder at the idea of hiring me and that’s totally cool because, I want the choice to be right for you guys- not just hire me for the sake of me having a full diary.

Personality is everything. Your photographer will be with you from first thing in the morning till you’re bustin’ shapes and doing your thang’ on the dance floor and for that entire period of time, you’re not only going to want to get on with them but you’re going to want to trust in them that they’re going to be cool with your guests and your family - understanding personal space when it’s time and likewise, understanding when it’s time to go shoulder to shoulder with your Mums second cousin because there is some kick ass moment going on you want captured.

You have to feel comfortable around them. Anxiety is shit at the best of times. A wedding photographer who makes you feel anxious is a horrific match. You want someone you can literally chat about anything and everything with.

I understand the whole ‘I’m a photographer that’ll feel more like a mate’ type thing feels like it’s done to death but when my time comes to pick someone out, I’ll be choosing them on who they are and not what awards they’ve won or what gear they use or any other random thing.

If, somehow you’ve read this and thought ‘Hey, Rod doesn’t sound like a dick’ then I’d love to hear from you!