Engagement Shoot // Kelly & Matt

Like, how much more Rock N' Roll can you get? 

I got a message on facebook from Kelly who's wedding I'm shooting later in the year, (we're both counting down the days!) asking me if I was able to come along to a tattoo parlour with them for an engagement shoot. 

She also offered me some of her frankly bloody epic peanut butter brownies but I would've said yes anyway - future note to anyone, I have a weakness for peanut butter brownies. 

What happened over the course of a few hours besides both Kelly & Matt getting some frankly epic tattoos from the talented and straight up Barry of BJs Tattoo Evolution was loads of laugh, bad jokes, general piss taking and a little bit of putting the world to rights. 

I also had a mild panic attack in my head - worried that I'd nudge Barry whilst he was tattooing and leave Kelly or Matt with a giant smear line of sorts. That didn't happen lucky. 

When I sent Kelly the finished images, I put in the email that there wasn't much romance but looking back I really couldn't have been more wrong. No, there weren't hugs and kisses and no, they didn't hold hands but damn, the passion and commitment from the both to get matching tattoos. I guess romance isn't always what's most obvious to us at times.

Here are some of my favorite frames: 

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