A reflective evening...

Blogs aren't something that comes overly to me like, I can talk face to face without issue and I'm a passionate guy too so you'd think this would be easy. Maybe it will as wedding season develops and I'm flooded with literally tens of thousands of images that I'm just waiting to share and publish. 

As it stands, it's 22:08 and I'm shattered. Our puppy is phenomenal. He (Finn) along with our 2 year old pug, Kylo have filled my life with nothing but love and happiness. It's also thrown in a few late nights and early mornings which isn't as much fun but you know - rough and smooth. I'll miss it in a few months when it's all changed. 

I've been checking out the diary and was genuinely filled with joy, excitement and satisfaction to find that I've pretty much booked out all of 2017. I've got a few dates left but I guess I just wasn't aware to the fact I'd filled the diary so much. 

Wedding season this year starts on the 19th of May with Darren and Jack and will involve a wedding almost every Saturday, loads of fridays, some Thursdays and a handful of Sundays all the way to New Years Eve! If you're looking to get married on a Monday - Thursday - give me a call! I can probably get you in! Ha! 

Anyway.... here's a shot of my two beautiful pugs because you know. Dogs <3

Roderick Leach