Pitt Hall Barn Wedding // Toby & Sophie

Toby & Sophie got hitched back in July of 2017. 

Till then, I'd never shot a wedding at Pitt Hall Barn but ah, it became one of my favorite venues in a few minutes flat. 

OK so, you get a beautiful barn to get married in, a huge reception area and what is hands down the best thing of any wedding venue ever - a ride in a 4x4 over the road and into the fields all the way to the top into the forest. 

I think I could've spent hours just driving around off road and getting some cool frames for them both. 

Over the course of the day, we all had an amazing laugh, had some beautifully cooked food and then I busted out my photobooth for the guests whilst I captured some of the best wedding dancing I've ever been lucky enough to see. 

Go check out the venue if you're looking for something a lil different but super cool! 


Here are some of my favorite frames: 

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