Wedding in the Dordogne // Dean & Sarah - Day One

On the 20th of July 2017, I boarded a plane destined for Bergerac airport. 

It's a small, quaint airport that on first inspection resembles more of a shed on a runway. Within a few moments my passport was checked and I was stood speaking french to the car hire people. 

I recall, as a kid I'd moan sometimes to my french teacher about why did we have to bother learning other languages. I take it all back now. 

I jumped into my epic little peugeot and headed off to meet up with Dean & Sarah at  Sarahs grandparents house. For the next hour, driving there I spent most of my time either punching the door trying to change gear with the wrong hand or just gently veering into a ditch. Fortunately, Dean & Sarah had arranged for my other half, Justyne to come with me so, after a few screams I managed to settle into driving in France.  -  it's completely awesome by the way. It's beyond relaxed and quiet compared to our roads here in the UK! 

The next few days were, to be frank with you, some of the best I've ever had. 

Besides spending a fortune on brioche rolls and Milka cookies I had some amazing laughs, Justyne and I became like family with Dean & Sarah and their guests in mere moments - the BBQ was a particular highlight of mine and not just because of my solid love for copious amounts of food but it was just an amazing time. 

A couple of days after settling down, Day 1 of the Wedding was Upon us. 

Words won't do what followed justice so, I've move straight onto the photos from here. 

Here are some of my favorite frames:

Are you getting married in France? I'd love to be your photographer.

Roderick Leach