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Natural Wedding Photography - All around the UK.

I'm one of those photographers who understands those horrible anxious feelings about photographed all day, believe me - I feel the same when someone points a camera at me! 

So, I've made it my goal to keep you guys at ease! Keep you relaxed and having an awesome time as let's be honest, I wouldn't have been doing it for 5+ years if everyone looked terrified in my pictures right? ;-)

If you'd like to have a super chilled out photographer capture your awesome wedding with their own little vision then let's get chatting!

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Hi, I'm Rod.

I bloody love shooting weddings. 

It was my dad's old Olympus film camera that got me into photography when I was just a kid. 

I formed Roderick Alan Photography nearly 5 years ago now and today it's my full time job and well, like I said. I bloody love shooting weddings.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for our amazing wedding photos and all of your help on the day. Everyone I speak with says ‘Your photographer was amazing and just a genuinely lovely guy.’ Thanks again Rod, you’re a superstar.
— Aaron & Sophie