Natural, Creative Wedding Photography

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As a photographer, I’m creative and artistic working in a documentary style. I seriously LOVE shooting weddings! Having been doing this for over 5 years, I really get that it's more than just being about lovely photographs! I understand those anxious feelings about having a camera pointed at you, so, my goal is make sure you guys don't need to worry about being photographed by being informal and easy going. If that is what you’re looking for then I’d love to be considered as your wedding photographer.

Every time I look through them I see something different. I really cannot thank you enough for what you have given us.
— Bryan & Jess


Hi, I'm Rod. I love shooting weddings.

It was my dad's old Olympus film camera that got me into photography when I was just a kid.

Now, all grown up, I'm a wedding photographer! It genuinely is one of the most amazing things. I love the people, the moments, the emotions, the little details and well…

I really bloody love shooting weddings.

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